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Dylan Owen – “Keep Your Friends Close” (Promo Video)

It’s hard to believe that some of the best rap these days has been coming from college students, but it’s the honest truth. Despite all the mainstream attention that rap songs about drugs & girls receive, there are still a few rappers that stay true to their lyrics and to their music, and Dylan Owen is a perfect example. Rapping about life, emotions, day-to-day events, and countless other topics that just feel so real, Dylan manages to capture those thoughts that we all keep in the back of our minds on a daily basis, and puts it perfectly into words. Dylan’s every verse is less of a verse and more of a story; they are the next lines in an emotionally honest story that we can all relate to.

Earlier today, Dylan released a promo video for his forthcoming EP Keep Your Friends Close, which features vocals from a song off the release called “Bookmarks.” Something about Owen’s every song hits home, and I can tell that “Bookmarks”, along with the rest of this project will do the same. Though the EP won’t be released for a couple of weeks, I got word from Dylan himself that his long-awaited collaboration with my good friend Grace Kelly should be coming out in the next week or so, so absolutely don’t miss that when it comes out. Until then, enjoy the title track off of the EP below, and remember, keep your friends close. Enjoy.


Dylan Owen – “Keep Your Friends Close” [click to download]

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