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Hellfire Machina feat. Infuze – “Good Love (VibeSquad Remix)”

Whoaaaa, I can’t say I expected this from crunkadelic Colorado producer Aaron Holstein, aka VibeSquad. I mean don’t get me wrong, Holstein is known for his ridiculous wobbles and heavy, house-rattling bass, but I, along with a good portion of the electronic community, did not and could not have expected this intense, high-energy crunchy remix of Hellfire Machina’s track “Good Love”. With a piercing, distorted vocal sample throughout, and a crunchy bassline to top it off, it’s evident how much VibeSquad’s sound and has evolved and his immense talent has grown in the past few years.

It’s been 8 days since VibeSquad took to his Soundcloud and posted this track for listening purposes only, and finally, earlier this morning, this massive remix was released through Lifted Music Records along with a collection of other Hellfire Machina remixes and originals. Unfortunately there’s no free download for this song, but you can do as I did and head over to iTunes here and purchase it. I personally had trouble figuring my way around this so-called “iTunes store” since it’s been ages since I actually bought music (crazy concept I know), but I promise you it was well worth the measly dollar or so it cost me. Enjoy!

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