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Cage – “I Saw A Serbian Film”

After being given “Super Baked” and “Mayan Stop Watch” throughout the past month, Chris Palko better known for his rap moniker Cage has given us another freebie entitled “I Saw A Serbian Film”. The track name isn’t the most cleverly named title, since Cage literally wrote the lyrics to this song after watching the 2010 movie A Serbian Film, but the track definitely serves as a great ode to the movie. For those of you who haven’t seen A Serbian Film, you aren’t missing out to be completely honest. The movie is based on an aging porn star trying to get out of the porn industry by starring in an “art film”, only to find out he’s been contracted into acting in a pedophilia and necrophilia themed movie. If you don’t know what either of those terms are, then don’t worry about, as I don’t recommend Googling it. Though to most, this sort of film may seem rather taboo, to Cage, this sort of film is exactly what he yearns for.

Cage’s track is dark, dank, and another look at Cage’s raw style of rap. Grab the free download below.

Cage – “I Saw A Serbian Film” [click to download]

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