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Sam Hill (Cage) – “C U N Hell”

Sam Hill, uhh I mean Cage, just released this track through his, uhh I mean Chris Palko‘s Soundcloud, leaving us with not much information about it other than that it is Sam Hill’s debut song, and that it will serve as the first single from his forthcoming EP titled What In Sam Hill. And in case you didn’t catch on… Sam Hill = Cage. The now 39 year old, German born, NYC raised rapper has always been known for working on multiple different projects simultaneously, and today we get a taste of yet another new project that the multi-talented emcee has in the works for us. With the addition of the What In Sam Hill EP, that now makes a total of 5 EP’s that Palko has announced he is working on for 2012/future release, which includes the Cutting Room Floor EP and the Illuminated EP trilogy, all of which are supposedly on their way. Until then, here’s Cage’s alter ego Sam Hill’s debut song “C U N HELL”.

Sam Hill (Cage) – “C U N Hell” [click to download]

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