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Monthly Mixtape Volume 1: Summer Days Mixtape

Photo by Joel McRae

As part of a new feature that we are introducing to ThisSoundGoesAround, I’m pleased to introduce you to Volume 1 of  TSGA’s Monthly Mixtape. Starting this month along with every month going forward, we will be putting together a multi-genre mixtape for you all, usually following a certain theme, season, or mood, that you will be able to not only listen to at any time, but even download entirely for FREE. Some mixtapes will be short, while some will be long, but I can assure you that all of them will be incredible.

The introduction to the first volume of the TSGA Monthly Mixtape coincides perfectly with the beginning of a new season, Summer. The sun is out, school is over with for a few months, pools are open, vacations are being planned, and to go along with all those wonderful things, we all need some music to help those days go by smoothly. The “Summer Days” mixtape will do just that, as this 26 song mixtape has it all, from upbeat reggae, to feel good hip-hop, to those summer time sounding tracks that go hand in hand with those sunny days.

Stay tuned for June 1st, the release date of the Monthly Mixtape Vol. 2. The theme may just have to do with your impulses

Download the Summer Days Mixtape


1. Aer – “Run Again”
2. Atmosphere – “Sunshine”
3. Bob Marley – “Mr. Brown” (Robotic Pirate Monkey Remix)
4. Cris Cab – “In My Dreams”
5. Inspired & The Sleep – “Running”
6. Interaction – “On The Beach” (Profresher Blacklight Remix)
7. Jazz Cartier – “Jet Plane”
8. Lotus – “Umbilical Moonrise” (Live in Athens)
9. Matisyahu – “Thunder”
10. Mike Golden – “Strange”
11. New Linen – “Forget Who You Are”
12. Project Aspect – “Pura Vida”
13. Rebelution – “Attention Span”
14. Regg – “If I Fall Down”
15. Matisyahu – “Time Of Your Song”
16. Robotic Pirate Monkey – “Spliffton Doobinski”
17. Shwayze – “Flashlight”
18. Slightly Stoopid – “See It No Other Way”
19. Summer Reading – “The Tide”
20. Terence Ryan – “Skeleton” (Yeah Yeah Yeahs Cover)
21. The Expendables – “Down Down Down” (Shapes of Light Remix)
22. The Lonely Biscuits – “Life On The Sun”
23. Tomorrows Bad Seeds – “Vices”
24. VIBE – “The Picture Has Changed”
25. Slightly Stoopid – “This Joint”

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